Aloysius' Learning Opportunities.

Hi there... I am a fan of Glen Doman method and Shichida method to teaching kids since birth. I am giving as much learning opportunities to my dear son, Aloysius, as I can. I am writing this blog to help people who are interested to start these programs. I sincerely hope the tips will be useful to you... :)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

GD's Rules for Effective Teaching

1. Teach your baby because you think it is a great idea and a provilege for you and for your baby.

2. Talk clearly, loudly, and with great enthusiasm.

3. Relax and enjoy yourself.

4. Trust your baby in your attitude, manner, and actions.

5. Provide new information constantly.

6. Don't bore your baby with old materials over and over again.

7. Be organized and purposeful in your teaching.

8. Make everything easy to see.

9. Eiminate visual, auditory, and tactile distractions when you teach.

10. Teach your baby only at times when he is happy, rested, and well-fed.

11. Always stop before your baby wants to stop.

12. Trust that your baby knows the things you have taugt him.

13. Be on your baby's side - bet on him.

14. Be willing to change your approach. Make eavh day new and exciting.

15. Don't test your baby.


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