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Hi there... I am a fan of Glen Doman method and Shichida method to teaching kids since birth. I am giving as much learning opportunities to my dear son, Aloysius, as I can. I am writing this blog to help people who are interested to start these programs. I sincerely hope the tips will be useful to you... :)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Glen Doman Visual cards.

Visual cards:

For the English and Chinese sets, there are 21 black and white visual cards in each set. These are cards for newborn till about 3-4 months. These visual cards, togather with the checker board, will help babies to see better and see greater details effectively. To use these cards, read "How Smart is Your Baby" page 100 - 103.

For Aloysius, he finished these visual cards at 7 weeks old. Then I started to paste the 3rd stage visual cards around the house. When I carry him to walk around the house, I will tell him the shape while he's looking at them. Telling him the cards is for his auditory development. And him seeing the cards is for his visual development. So far, till now, he's still interested in the cards in the third stage :). The stages are as follow:

First stage (#1 - #7) (solid shapes): Round, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Pentagon, Diamond, Heart.

Second Stage (#8 - #14) (complex shape): Moon, Vertical, Horizontal, star, sun, spiral.

Third Stage (#15 - #21) (objects): Tree, Ball, Bottle, Wave, Boat, Fish, Hand.

How to start flashing these visual cards??

Week 1 to Week 3:

Use the 7 cards from stage one (#1 - #7). Each day, flash one card, as many as 10 times per day. When you flash, say the name of the shape loud and clear to the baby. Every day, for 3 weeks, flash a different cards.

Week 4:

Choose one old card (#1 - #7) and one new card (#8 - #14). Now show both of these cards at each session for one day. Repeat this process each day, showing a different old (#1 - #7) card and a different new card (#8 - #14) every day for one week.

Week 5:

Retire cards #1 - #7 used in the first 4 weeks. Replace the retired cards with seven new cards from stage 3 (#15 - #21). Now each session has two cards, one from week 4 (#8 - #14) and one from stage 3 (#15 - #21).

After Week 5, you can play the cards with your baby. For me, I paste them (#15 -#21) around my house. Every morning, I will carry Aloysius around the house and let him look at the cards. Then I will say out the name of the card to him... "This is wave, wave." "This is a sun, sun". I will either say it in English or in Chinese.


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