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Hi there... I am a fan of Glen Doman method and Shichida method to teaching kids since birth. I am giving as much learning opportunities to my dear son, Aloysius, as I can. I am writing this blog to help people who are interested to start these programs. I sincerely hope the tips will be useful to you... :)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

GD's English Reading Program - Part 1.

For the English set, there are 880+ cards inside the set, separated into Volume 1 and Volume 2. I am talking about the set in Singapore. The words are customised to the local context.

How to start??

From GD's books, it's better that we start with the most familiar words. The most familiar words to a baby so far will be from the category "Members of the Family".
Do 3 sets of 5 cards in a day (total 15 cards) - Set A, Set B, Set C. Each set consists of 5 cards from a category.

From the category "Members of the Family", there are 4 verbs - love, hug, smile, kiss. Take out one verb and 4 family members from the category to form a set. Remember not to flash grandpa and grandma togather. Cos it will be too broing to the baby. Firstly, they sound the same and look the same. Baby might not be interested in the flashcards and look away. There are 3 blank cards, which can be used to write baby's name :).

The next most familiar words will be from "Parts of the body". You can select 5 cards from this category to form a set. Remember not to flash hair, head and hand togather.
Then select another category which you think may consist of the most familiar words to your baby.

The rule of thumb is to flash the cards when the baby is in a happy mood, and the mother is also in the happy mood. If the mother is stressed, the baby might feel the stress, and relate flashcards equal to stress in learning... Use your most joyous and most enthusiastic voice to read out the cards to the baby. Be relaxed. I find the best time is in the morning after feeding and bathing baby.

Flash set A, then put aside for 15 minutes to half an hour. Then flash Set B, then rest 15 minutes to half an hour, then flash Set C. The maximum for each set is 3 times in a day. The minimum is once :). Do not get stressed up if you cannot achieve 3 times in a day, which is 9 sessions per day. For me, I can achieve between 3 to 6 sessions per day, and I am happy to have 3 sessions a day. The 4th, 5th and 6th session are bonus. Shuffle the cards for every session.
Flash the first SetA, SetB and SetC for first 5 days. On Day 6, start to retire cards. Retire one card and replace with a new card for each set of Set A, Set B and Set C. Altogather, retire 3 cards per day. Watch your baby. If your baby is bored and looked away, you will have to review the session. Perhaps change more cards daily... That's what I did with Aloysius. hmm... I cannot imagine having to make my own cards... I might not be able to keep up with the pace that he's going...

hmm... It's pretty difficult for me to explain how to hold the cards though. Most importantly, flash as fast as you can, each card about 1 second or less. Flash from back to front. Read out the card only when the new card reach the front, not during the changing of cards. Look at the baby during the flashing of cards. Lastly, practice before showing your flashcards sessions either in front of the mirror or with your hubby :) haha... For me, I started to practice with my hubby during my pregnancy :).

In GD's book, 5 sets is recommended. hmm... I am following 3 sets of cards a day, else it's really a lot of preparation work.

Oh yes, before I forget, respect your baby by asking him/her first before you start the flashcards sessions. It will become a habit. I have been doing this since I started. Now, when I say "Aloysius, do you want to see flashcards?" He will look at me if he's interested. I will put it aside when he cries... :) He knows what will come next after I asked this question. I also make sure I have eye contact with him. Never flash the cards when the baby is hungry, uncomfortable or tired. After each session, praise your baby or give him a hug.

Remember, learning is joyous to babies. They are keen and happy learners :).

If you do feel that babies are pitiful to start learning how to read at such a young age, I will urge you not to start any reading program, cos it will cultivate the linkage that learning is equal to stress. I will urge you to read through Glen Doman's book "How to teach your baby to read" thoroughly first. If you already believe that babies want to learn and are happy when learning, you can jump straight into the chapter on how to flash.

If your baby do look away halfway during the session, just continue to say out the words. Sometimes, Aloysius will look at my mouth.. haha.. perhaps he's learning my mouth's movements... Let baby decide which card he wanna look at. Trust your baby :).

I hope these tips have helped you :) Hope you will enjoy your flashcards sessions :)

After the 220 single words, I will start on the couplets :). I haven't learnt that yet.. Will write again when Aloysius reached that stage :)


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