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Hi there... I am a fan of Glen Doman method and Shichida method to teaching kids since birth. I am giving as much learning opportunities to my dear son, Aloysius, as I can. I am writing this blog to help people who are interested to start these programs. I sincerely hope the tips will be useful to you... :)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

GD's Chinese Program - Part 1.

If you are doing only the Chinese program, do read what I have written under "GD's English Program - Part 1.

Here, I will write about combining the Chinese with the English program.

You can do the Chinese program back to back with the English program. Babies usually like Chinese more than English, cos Chinese characters are more interesting... Babies younger than 3 years old mainly use their right brain (according to Shichida). Hence, the words are just images to them. When you read the words to them, they will be able to relate the words and the name to the "image".

Prepare 3 sets of 5 Chinese cards - ChA, ChB, ChC. When combined with English, there will be 10 cards per session. If combine with English and Maths, there will be 15 cards in each session. You can have more cards in each session. Always remember to stop before your baby wants to stop! Glen Doman keep stressing this in his books... Every babies are different and their mothers know them best...

Same as the English, flash the first 3 sets for 5 days, up to maximum of 3 times per day. For Aloysius, he got bored of the cards before the 5 days. If your child is bored, you might need to start retiring and replacing with new cards sooner. Subsequently, retire a card and replace with a new one daily.

Be consistent in the program, and very soon, your baby will be able to read. Trust your baby :).


  • At 4:33 AM, Blogger Michele said…

    Hi, upon reading your blog, I also became interested in the GD methods. I'm currently waiting for my book to arrive from Amazon!! Thanks to your blog, I am now aware of such a system!! :)

  • At 3:15 AM, Blogger Happy Sunflower said…

    Hi Michele,
    Hope my knowledge of teaching babies will help your baby too :) I believe in learning from birth.


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