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Hi there... I am a fan of Glen Doman method and Shichida method to teaching kids since birth. I am giving as much learning opportunities to my dear son, Aloysius, as I can. I am writing this blog to help people who are interested to start these programs. I sincerely hope the tips will be useful to you... :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Encyclopedic knowledge.

I am reading the book "How to give your baby encyclopedic knowledge" by Glen Doman, Janet Doman and Susan Aisen.

hmm... As I read, I was comparing it with the Shichida method and reality. In this book, it shows some very smart kids who have gone through the program at the Institue. In the Shichida method in Singapore, both the parent and child will attend the class once a week, one hour each lesson. For the lesson at the Institute, it's the mother who will attend the class once per week, 4 hours per lesson. And then they will go home and teach their children.

It seems like the children who has undergone through this program, has similar results as you see during the preview at the Shichida method. The children can be an all-rounder - being good in their studies, in sports, in music, in multiple languages, and also have high EQ. hmm...

After reading this book, I feel that Glen Doman has a very big and warm heart... He's very dedicated to nurturing kids from very young age, as well as, brain injured children.


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